Premium, HomeStyle, or Specialty Formulas: Which Do I Need?

Canine Correct Dog Food is great for dogs of all sizes and breeds from puppy to adult. Ingredients are gently cooked through and then freeze dried. This is a COOKED product - Not RAW! This allows for easier digestibility, palatability and safety. Canine Correct comes in a variety of formulas. Which is best for your dog? 

Our Premium Formula includes all the nutritional supplements required by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) for a complete diet. "Dog Food" can only be labeled as such if it meets AAFCO requirements. If you have a healthy pet who is fine eating 'just about anything' but want to feed them a superior high-quality food with whole meats, no by-products, no meal, no preservatives, and no fillers that is hand crafted in small batches - Premium Formula is your choice. BUY NOW

The HomeStyle Formula is the same superior high-quality food as premium but does not include the added supplements. This formula of Canine Correct Products can be especially supportive for dogs with sensitive stomachs, older dogs who need a more easily digestible food and for dogs that may be sensitive to the supplements. If this is your pet, then HomeStyle Formula is your choice. HomeStyle Formula has all the nutrients a dog needs to maintain a healthy diet. HomeStyle Formula can also be fed during a dog's recovery period from illness, procedures or surgeries. BUY NOW

Our Specialty Formulas: Low Fat and Lower Protein/Low Sodium are available for dogs with specific health issues and are available when this type of specialized diet is recommended by your veterinarian. It is the same superior high-quality food as our Premium and HomeStyle Formulas but is modified to meet these clinically specialized diets. Ask your Vet if Canine Correct Specialty Formula is right for your dog. BUY NOW

We offer Supplements as well. Our Probiotics, CBD Bites and Meal Enhancing Topper can be helpful with a variety of issues including digestion, inflammation, or simply old age.