“I raise registered Border Collies and I fed Canine Correct to the mother prior to breeding her. She had the largest litter yet and had more milk. She  did not lose weight while nursing the pups and her hair coat was shiny and slick. The pups are doing well. 

           As a Veterinarian we feed this product to sick patients and it is sometimes the ONLY FOOD they will eat. Avi backs up his product with Science, as he has consulted several nutritionists while developing Canine Correct.

           GREAT FOOD and GREAT PEOPLE!"

Wm David Grinstead DVM
Harrison Veterinary Clinic
Cynthiana Kentucky


"I have offered Avi advice in the development of his dog food and he has produced a WINNER! My two dogs at home cannot wait until their food is ready. Sophie is a 9yr old English Setter and will “oooh” when the food is prepared. Hallie is a 5yr old German Shorthair Pointer and will try and take your arm off to get to the food. I am a practicing veterinarian and we feed Canine Correct to sick animals that are reluctant to eat. The palatability is phenomenal."

James R. Rice DVM
Harrison Veterinary Clinic
Cynthiana Kentucky

         "I have been recommending Canine Correct Foods for over three years to clients with anorexic pets. It is highly palatable and useful for those reluctant eaters. In fact I feed it to my own dog when he has one of his all to frequent bouts of gastroenteritis. I also have a number of clients that feed Canine Correct to their pets routinely. In addition Canine Correct makes a dog treat that is in high demand from my patients in the exam room. Even the most nervous patients will finally relent and accept these treats. I am VERY pleased with their products."

Joseph G. Yocum DVM Greentree Animal Hospital Lexington KY                                                                                                                                                                                         


"Hello Mr. Bear, Thank you for a wonderful product!!! My 11 year old shepherd, pit bull mix "Buddy" was diagnosed with megaesophagus last year. It has been a real challenge finding him a quality food that he would not regurgitate due to his condition. I have tried over twenty different foods but unfortunately nothing really worked and as a result he was losing weight.

I have been feeding Buddy your Canine Correct Chicken and Fish freeze dried formula over the past month. He has had great success on this food; no more regurgitation, more energy, firm stools and weight gain. I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful product. My second dog "Tillich" our 8 year old Brittany is using your food as well with great benefits.

   Buddy - Donig Great on Canine Correct!

Don H (Cincinnati Ohio)


 "Hi my name is Terrie. My mom & dad saved my life. Since they rescued me, from PAWS (P.A.W.S. Of Dearborn County, Inc.) animal shelter as an adult doggie, I'm not sure how old I am but, do know I'm at least 14 now. As I've gotten older, I struggled with finding food that I really enjoy & look forward to eating until recently when a friend of my mom's found, Canine Correct Table Food for Dogs! It's the best food I've ever had making me feel sooo good cuz it gives me lots of energy! I LOVE it very much, eat it everyday & look forward to breakfast, lunch & dinners again! Please Avi Bear don't ever stop making this food, it has put the "pep back in my step" again!!!" Sherry DeLaet O'Toole


         "Just wanted to send a short message thanking you for introducing your wonderful product - Canine Correct. Our two year old Zuchon absolutely loves your food and her coat couldn't feel better. My husband is a nutritionist and is amazed at how much she loves her new diet. Thanks again!" Michelle (St. Louis, MO.)

        “I have nothing but praise for Canine Correct! I started feeding my four dogs Canine Correct about a year ago when I noticed my dogs nails were cracking and  their coats were dull and dry. After feeding them the product for a few weeks my dogs’ coats became sleek and shiny, and they no longer have dry or flaky skin.Their toenails are no longer brittle and we are able to clip them without cracks or breaks. Our Jack Russell has always been a picky eater and hasn’t  kept on weight with the food we have fed her before. After trying Canine Correct she eats eagerly and has improved her dietary habits. We have long been searching for a food that was both nutritional and economical, we are happy to recommend Canine Correct to our friends."  Bonnie Skinner (Cynthiana, KY)

      "Willie and Flash are best buddies. They love to play with each other. Unfortunately they also share the most delicate stomachs In the world. We had them on expensive food only available through our vet. Unfortunately, I couldn't count on quality control and two times out of every three both dogs would get sick when we start a new bag of food. Flash, the caviler, is also a very finicky eater. Ever since we started the dogs on Canine Correct, Flash woofs it down and both Willie and Flash's stomachs have had no problems. I'm absolutely thrilled. Thanks from the entire family for coming up with such a wonderful, healthy food for "our boys" Lois Podolny (Tucson, AZ)

      “Allie is a half Yellow Lab and half Golden Retriever. We aren't certain of her age, but she's old enough that getting up had become difficult. Before we started feeding Canine Correct (aka "Avi's treats"), she would go for a two-mile walk with us then be in obvious pain for the next few days. About the same time we started feeding Canine Correct, an Indiana veterinarian suggested a supplement, and we now add it to her treats each night. After feeding them for a month, Allie has been able to walk the same distance and then move with greater ease. She surprised us one day by jumping into the back seat of the pick-up, which she hasn't done for years! 

      "I don't know what goes into the Canine Correct, but curry is definitely an ingredient. One night I was making a curried squash soup, and Allie ran lickedy split into the kitchen looking for her treats! Because I couldn't stand to see her disappointed, she got a couple of freebies!” Juanita (Cynthiana, KY)

      "I started feeding Daisy & Baby your food and they LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! They clean their bowl and then go to check the other dog's bowl to see if they can find a few more crumbs."  Ronit Eres (Lexington, KY.)

      "After only two weeks of Canine Correct, our 13-year-old Basset Hound was like a new dog!!  Highly recommend."  Bill Probus (Cynthiana, KY)

      "Tink loves Canine Correct when you go to the frig she comes running and you just can't get it on her plate fast enough. And she's doing great with it as far as her allergies go." Trish Jenkins (Cynthiana, KY)

      "Our dogs Baxter and Bella love Canine Correct. Now they do not want anything else. They come running when they hear me get the bag out!" Kelly Kendall (Cynthiana, KY)

      "Our American Labrador retriever, Vatna, stopped eating her food at age 14 ½.  She was rapidly losing strength and body condition.  We started giving her Canine Correct and she improved immediately.  She was again excited about eating her food and her eyes regained their sparkle.  She again enjoyed going on walks with the other dogs and fetching the ball.  She stayed with us for another year due to the good effects of Canine Correct dog food.  Thank you for giving us an extra year with our friend." Paulette and David Klein (Cynthiana, KY)