Our Story

Meet Avi Bear - Creator of Canine Correct Table Food for Dogs. Avi’s love for animals grew from being raised on a Kibbutz (a collective farming community) in Israel. Over the years Avi has raised all kinds of animals and currently raises sheep and horses in the beautiful commonwealth of Kentucky. Trained as a professional chef and pastry artist, Avi graduated top in his class from the Tadmor Culinary School in Israel. In 1985 Avi opened his bakery, Oven Art Inc. which continues today. Avi has combined his passion for pets and his expertise in the culinary arts to create Canine Correct - Premium Table Food for Dogs.

Zeigler’s Story-The Canine Correct Story

Zeigler, our beloved Border Collie, became ill in November of 2010. We searched and struggled to figure out what was causing his discomfort. My brother suggested we try his special diet developed for Daisy, his sensitive Goldendoodle. We were willing to try anything to bring Zeigler back to his healthy, happy self. Avi prepared the recipe, which was basically home cooked chicken and rice. The recipe was adjusted to be more nutritionally balanced.

Within days Zeigler showed amazing improvement that continued over the next few weeks. We took Zeigler back to our Vet, Dr. James Rice DVM here in Kentucky. He was so impressed that he tried it on his own dog and incorporated it into his program for his canine patients that were not eating. The results were amazing and Dr. Rice was elated.

My brother encouraged me to make Canine Correct available for ALL dogs and their humans/dog lovers. We decided we could not keep this to ourselves. We wanted to help other sensitive dogs.  After three years of research, development, trial and error utilizing Avi's culinary skills to develop the right formula and product form that meets all AAFCO requirements and retains the product’s wholesome ingredients, taste, and texture, Zeigler’s remedy became Canine Correct. ENJOY!

Wait! There’s MORE: Georgette’s Story

Georgette, Zeigler’s best friend, is another one of Canine Correct’s great success stories. Georgette is an AKC registered red Blood Hound with a loving disposition. But she suffered various skin problems, from eczema to ringworm. She also had a very strong “hound” odor. After making continuous visits to the vet to solve these issues Dr. Rice suggested we try our home cooked food on Georgette. The skin problems simply disappeared once we began feeding her Canine Correct Premium Dog Food!

Foot Note: Not only have Zeigler and Georgette’s overall health improved, their energy levels and emotional well being are better than ever. When they're happy, we're happy!  It feels GREAT to know that as pet owners we are doing the very best for our dogs!