Canine Correct CBD Bites

Canine Correct CBD Bites are a super tasty way of administering an exact amount of CBD to your dog.  There are a lot of claims regarding the benefits that CBD can provide your pet. We at Canine Correct believe that the most beneficial aspect of CBD is in its anti-inflammatory properties. Especially for dogs with joint issues like arthritis. CBD can be beneficial as a muscle relaxer after hard exercise and for dogs in old age. Although Canine Correct CBD Bites are extremely palatable do NOT use as a regular treat. Use ONLY as a supplement. 

Ingredients: Chicken, Chicken Liver, Asian Carp, Catfish, Hemp Extract

Handling - Canine Correct CBD Bites are Freeze Dried, shelf stable, and come in a re-sealable bag There are approximately 50 pieces per bag. 

Shipping is via UPS Ground and is a flat $12.00 per shipment.

Our Products Ship Only in the Continental United States.
**Please read complete shipping, cancellation and return policy.


Category: Supplements

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